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What we offer

Coaching & Support


Making decisions can be difficult, especially when it comes to life and career choices.


A place to express your ideas and frustrations is essential to moving forward. weathervane will support you in strategizing and brainstorming toward your future. 


We specialize in participatory processes and individual sessions infused with goal setting and reflective dialogue.




It depends. In order to make ourselves available to as many people as possible, we determine our rates collaboratively with clients, focusing on finding ways to meet your goals within your budget. 

In a nutshell 


Infusing Creativity ​+ Increasing Participation + Finding Direction:


  • Design + Faciliation of meetings

  • Workshop Design + Delivery 

  • Participatory Planning Processes 

  • Personal + Professional Coaching

  • Arts Admin + Project Management

What you need and want is unique. We will spend time with you to define the best approach for designing your participatory meetings, retreats, workshops and planning processes. 

Critique & Evaluation


Eliciting honest and clear feedback is essential to making great work and improving processes and systems. 


Similar to a focus group, weathervane guides groups in giving meaningful and supportive critical feedback.


This approach supports the evaluation of works in progress, updating of systems or review of ideas. Think program designs, works of art, innovative ideas that need a second pair of eyes. 

We believe in creating shared experiences where all personality types and all learning styles can thrive. As artists and creative people, we infuse our work with innovation and participation, establishing unique experiences for all our clients. 

Facilitation + Design


An outside facilitator supports positive and successful meeting environments.  

Great meetings are 80% planning and 20% meeting. You can look to us to help you design effective meetings from concept to implementation. 

We believe in participation and will work to create environments that support all different learning styles and abilities.

Arts Administration


From interim project management to general administrative tasks, we can fill in the gaps to support your organization in whatever ways you need. 

We know that organizational needs ebb and flow with changing programming, funding and staffing. We can easily step in and support your dynamic work with ease. 

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