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Who we are

Weathervanes (windvanes) are archictectural, generally mounted to the highest point of a structure, pivoting on an axis of the cardinal directions describing which way the wind blows. The sculptural weathervane is resilient and adaptable as it assesses the landscape and disseminates its knowledge, guiding us toward our destination - showing us where the sun rises and sets. 


Specializing in the design/faciliation of retreats, workshops + feedback sessions; project management + planning; organizational development + employee engagement; and professional + personal life coaching, weathervane creative consultants work with you to establish a plan of action that works for you and your community. 


Weathervane is founded and led by Kirstin Wiegmann. Grounded in the belief that collaborative design and co-creation result in stronger deliverables for clients, Kirstin calls on trusted creative peers to deliver the work.


Weathervane consultants are artists, facilitators, creatives, organizational developers, planners and community builders. We are independant and we are collective. Most importantly, we are skilled in establishing engagements that are inclusive, participatory and focused. 



Meet the team. 



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