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Creative City Roadmap

The beginning of 2015 brought with it some exciting new opportunities. I started working with the Creative City Roadmap (click to learn more about the goals of the roadmap) team to help design and facilitate one of a series of community planning meetings aimed at developing a city wide plan for arts and creativity.

I wasn't alone in designing and implementing the event. A team of artists - Sha Cage, E.G. Bailey, Chrys Carroll and Keegan Xavi - and organizers/city staff - Gulgun Kayim, Rachel Engh, Carrie Christensen - rounded out an incredibly thoughtful planning team. This team had been working on the Roadmap for a few months, so I found myself diving in and supporting where it made the most sense for them, specifically in helping structure the agenda for the event and facilitating the event itself.

I learned that The Roadmap is a critical process for the city of Minneapolis, but also a really challenging process. There are more than 100 participants from around the city offering their thoughts and insights about what should be included in this vision for Minneapolis. Collective visioning and collaborative process is hard, especially with so many voices and perspectives at the table. This team takes very seriously how important it is to make space for dialogue and differences, while also keeping focused on the intentions of gathering together in the first place.

I look forward to working with these folks again in the future!

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