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Public Art with the City of Minneapolis

Over the summer, I started working with the City of Minneapolis as a project manager for a public art project. this work is a rewarding extension of my previous work leading artist selection processes and public art education at Forecast Public Art.

This new work invites me to participate in the full cycle of the public art project - from development of the Call for Artists to the final celebration of the work. As a City liaison to the artist, I support them in the development of designs, strategies for community engagement, project planning/budgeting/timeline management, fabrication and installation of the work and more.

This public art project - one of five funded in 2017 - will take place at a new City development in Northeast Minneapolis. You can see a bit here, but there's no official website yet.

Some possible goals of the public art project might include:

  • Be a welcoming and iconic entrance to the city.

  • Be thoughtfully integrated into architectural and landscape design.

  • Respond to the setting by improving the appearance of University Avenue corridor and supporting the residential nature along the southern border of the site.

  • Celebrate community history and the diversity of the area, people of all ages, origins, and stages of life.

  • Support creative opportunities for community gathering and physical activity in the public open space, including people of all ages, origins, and stages of life.

  • Celebrate the sustainability goals of this project and the facility and re-use materials from the site if possible.

  • Highlight the City’s services and educate the public about them.Be durable and maintainable in Minneapolis' climate and urban environment.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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